Welcome to my Webbed Site!

Haiiiii ^_^ hi!! :3 haiiiiii hii I'm a teenage developer from Turkey! I like infodumping people and writing down stuff I think at 3AM so I created this website!

I occasionally post here, mostly about philosophy, technology, popular science and sometimes about current events.

I can't post much these days because of an exam but I'll be right back in June <3


My contact email is ae@aesistril.com. I might give you my other contacts (discord etc) if you mail me


Import my PGP key: curl https://aesistril.com/files/pgp.asc | gpg --import

Run gpg -r ae@aesistril.com -e -a

Type your message, press CTRL+d and send me the output

Fingerprint: 2B40 B9C3 5B5B 35F8 866A FECF 9593 8DED B7C6 C9FD

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